What You Need to Know About Real Estate Social Media Marketing Packages

The real estate market has changed considerably over the last two decades, as have most businesses since the rise of social media platforms and digital marketing strategies. Studies from the National Association of Realtors have shown that social platforms and marketing strategies are becoming increasingly integral to landing clients across the real estate space. And […]

How to Choose a Social Media Marketing Company for Your Real Estate Business

Today’s consumers rely on online research and social media ads to find information about products and services before making any type of purchase. While realtors go through plenty of trouble to generate leads and promote their businesses through traditional means, convenient and effective online resources can be used to maximize home sales as well! If […]

What Do Social Media Statistics Reveal About Realtors’ Marketing Tactics?

If you’re just starting to build your real estate business and you’re looking for the most effective way to promote your listings and services, social media marketing is one of the best options out there. As of 2020, there are 3.96 billion people connected by social media worldwide. If you’re hoping to grow your business, […]

How Realtors Can Use TikTok to Generate Leads & Build Their Brand

As you build your real estate business, you’ll need to embrace new modes of marketing your services and listings. Social media is an excellent way to reach more people, promote your business, and source new leads, so it’s wise for realtors to take advantage of those benefits by establishing a presence on popular platforms. If […]

10 Ways for Realtors to Maximize Their Marketing Efforts on Facebook

New and seasoned realtors alike can utilize social media platforms to market their services and properties to a wide expanse of people. With roughly 2.89 billion active users per month, Facebook is an especially practical choice for realtors hoping to broaden their reach and connect with more potential clients. As you work to establish your […]

How to Use Twitter to Effectively Market Your Real Estate Business

Social media marketing is an invaluable tool for realtors hoping to expand their businesses and remain competitive in an increasingly tech-driven market. If you’re hoping to build your own online presence, you know that it’s essential to create profiles on all of the most popular social media platforms to share information about your business and […]

Is LinkedIn an Effective Social Media Platform for Realtors?

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Why Instagram Should Be Part of Every Realtor’s Social Media Marketing Plan

With nearly one billion active users, Instagram is an ideal platform for marketing any type of business. While this number will attract all types of professionals hoping to increase the reach of their businesses, realtors will further benefit from the app’s image-driven format and high user engagement rates. If you’re still figuring out your social […]

Inform, Connect, and Attract: A Social Media Marketing Guide for Realtors

Real estate doesn’t just require knowledge of the market’s trends and best practices. It also requires you to develop relationships with clients and other realtors! A realtor’s success comes from their ability to network and find the best home solutions for their clients, so reaching out to new people and maintaining consistent contact is essential. […]